Above is the view off the balcony as the water came up Saturday morning

Dearest Customers and Friends,

We appreciate all the emails and calls of concern for our well-being here at Cypress Trails.

We started moving feed and hay on Wednesday of last week. Horses started going out on Thursday, even while we were conducting, what we suspected, would be our last trail rides for a period of time.

On Friday, all of the horses had all been relocated to big, grassy pastures, then we began moving the tack and farm equipment. That was every bit as hard as moving 68 horses.

On Sunday afternoon, Darolyn Butler, the owner and 3 devoted employees who stayed behind to take care of the house/barn relented to worried friends and decided to boat out about noon on Monday.

The roads are presently flooded and so impossible to determine how the house is faring, but will send an update as soon as possible.

Thanks again for your concern and we will look forward to seeing you as soon as we are back up and running.

Darolyn Butler and the Cypress Trails Staff and Volunteers

One of the loads of horses leaving the ranch on Thursday

Darolyn Butler - Houston - Hurricane Harvey
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Darolyn Butler