Champion endurance racer Darolyn Butler has made an equestrian career out of her passion for marathon rides

Houston Airport Horseback Rangers - There are more than 800 certified Airport Rangers, volunteers who ride at all skill levels on various breeds of horses - including ones that stop a lot more [...]

APRIL 2016 Cypress Trails Ranch – What actually happened a year ago

As many of you have heard there was a catastrophic flood in the Houston area. The dramatic videos of horses lurching in the water was them hitting fence lines that an observer could not see. [...]

Bringing the Sparkle Back into Crystal’s Life

Barefootin' Natural Trimming | The procedure you are referring to is known as a "neurectomy". It is generally performed on horses that have had chronic pain problems in their feet, most notably [...]

Unique is an understatement when describing Cypress Trails

Unique is an understatement when describing Cypress Trails, a private facility in Humble (pronounced “Umble”), a suburb of Houston, Texas. From pony rides to birthday parties and pleasure rides [...]

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