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P = Passported  | F = FEI  | * = 80KM  | ** = 120 KM  | *** 160 = KM

100 Mile Horse are BOLD

25 Mile
50 Mile
1DJB Argonne JetM2012In TrainingIn TrainingRegistered
Bay Arabian
2DJB BoomerP F***H44587G20011001530Bay Arabian/
Quarter Cross
3DJB It Is Time MMH53546G20105050Chestnut Half Arabian/Tennessee
4DJB Bruzer-EWFH50176M200455155Registered Grey Arabian15
5DJB K De CieloP F***H31872G1996502735Registered Grey Arabian15.1
6DJB Cytron Kon JMF***H31611G19952154020Registered Grey Arabian14.2
7DJB Dancers TopstarrF*H50406M200380260Registered Chestnut Arabian15
8DJB Faheems Little StarH50175M200825100Registered Black Arabian15.1
9DJB ESR Dreams SensationH48347M200050250Pintarabian15.1
10DJB Ezen**H51724G200750250Unregistered Grey Arabian15.1
11DJB FirepointH53547G2009250Registered Grey Arabian15
12Gator Gotcha GrannyM201200Unregistered Grey Arabian14.2
13DJB Jolly RogerP F***H45466G20021001605Registered Grey Arabian15
14DJB KD KomanchiP F***H48248G20030835Registered Bay Arabian15.2
15DJB Kid StarrP F**H46994G200265685Registered Chestnut Arabian14.3
16DJB Khemila Leila YeseniaH 51533 M20075050Registered Bay Arabian15.1
17DJB Koushattas ExpressFH 53545m200750100Registered Bay Arabian14.3
18DJB Lily Creek Comrade**H 50174G2007105270Registered Grey Shagya Arabian15.1
19DJB Lumiars AriaH 47028M200125150Registered Grey Arabian15
20DJB Moulin RougeH 51208G200950100Registered Bay Arabian15
21DJB My Evangeline*H 50579M2004105155Registered Bay Arabian15.1
22DJB Parys Lil RansomP F***H 47889G20040875Registered Grey Arabian15.2
23DJB Sanctuarys LegacyH 52952G20095050Registered Bay Arabian15.2
24DJB Seymora SpiritF***H 48706M200850700Grey AIHA Arabian15
25CJS Tri Falihn For MeF***H 48117M200430525Registered Grey Arabian15
26DJB TurbinFH 49375G20040260Registered Bay Arabian15
27DJB Mattingley Wildfire**H 51208 G2009110200Registered Bay Arabian15.1
28CJS Mattingley WizardF**H 50386G200660300Registered Bay Arabian14.3
29DJB ZubermanG2009In TrainingIn TrainingRegistered Grey Arabian15.2

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