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Most of our horses live together in a pasture environment, but are separated twice daily for their individual feedings. We think it’s healthier for the horses and they are happier this way. However, separate paddocks and stalls are available on request. Annual Influenza and West Nile Virus immunizations, plus a Negative Coggins are required for all animals at Cypress Trails.

Equines are on a worming rotation every 2-3 months. Western/Eastern Influenza, Tetanus and West Nile Virus inoculations are administered at the first of each year, a West Nile Booster is given 6 months later.  This will be performed and billed automatically to any horse boarded here unless the owner instructs otherwise.

Regular vet visits or trips to the vet are announced, at which time a boarder may request teeth floating, or other vet services. You are welcome to have your vet visit at any time. Unless otherwise instructed, management will bill for the following: worming, trimming/shoeing or vet bills as occurred. Others services are the horse owner’s responsibility. If you do not have your own veterinarian, our Vet is Dr. Hertel (Kingwood). We haul to Texas Equine Clinic in Bryan, Waller Equine Clinic or Texas A&M Veterinarian Hospital for specific problems if needed.

2 x/day + hayMonthly Feed* Fee
6 lbs$175
9 lbs$180
12 lbs$200
14 lbs$220
Bale of Hay$15
Lunch (3rd feeding)$150

*DJB Enduro Feed is a custom blended feed produced for Cypress Trails. It is a high fat, high carbohydrate, low protein feed, containing 1/3 beet pulp with the balance being accepted grains. ABC Power Plus vitamins and biotin are already added along with extra salt for our hot, humid weather. It is served as a mash to aid in digestion. It is not necessary to buy or feed any additional vitamins, oil or biotin.

Monthly Boarding Fees
Red Barn$300
Daily Turn Out$70
There may be a $20 hay surcharge in addition to boarding fee

Additional Services/Supplements Fees
Giving Personal Supplement/Vitamin$30
Glucosamine IM Injection$50

Hoof Grooming Fees
Initial Natural Horse Trim$75
On Farm Monthly Natural Horse Trim $45
($5 discount if owner catches horse and assists trimmer during trim)
Off Farm Natural Horse Trim$60-$75 plus $50/hour travel fee
Off-Farm Horse brought in for Natural Trim$60

Miscellaneous Fees
Chiropractic Assessment/Adjustmentask for quote
On-Premises Trailer Parking (so you can ride on equestrian trails)$10/day
Guide (depended on wrangler availability)$25/hour
Tack Lease - On PremisesShared $25/month
Exclusive $75/month (lessee responsible for cleaning and repair)
Tack Lease - Off Premises$75/month (lessee responsible for cleaning and repair)
Competition Tack: $25/25 or 50 mile competition, $50/100 mile competition

Miscellaneous Fees
Worming$15 (approx. every 60 days)
Bag of Shavings$10
Special Horse Handling
(for trim, vet, bath, sick care)
Coastal Hay$15/Bale
Electrolytes$20/2.5 lbs, $35/4 lbs
Other Injections$10 (Plus cost of medicine)

Hauling Fees
1 horse $2.50 per mile
2 horses$2.00 per mile
3 horses$1.00 per mile
4 horses$.50 per mile
5 horses $.40 per mile
Competition Tag-Along Fee (includes pen, feed, electrolytes, crewing, mentoring, etc.)$75 per horse/per race day

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