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  • This was a blast! The wranglers were very professional, ours was Billy! Very friendly, knew everything but not in any sort of cocky way! We felt very relaxed and we will certainly come again. There has been a few thunderstorms so the trails were wet, but this didn't stop the horses.  Be sure to prepare to get dirty, don't come dressed like your going to watch a rodeo

    Steven J. - Midland, TX
  • My family and I had a great time at Cypress Trails! The horses are beautiful and look well cared for.  The property is clean and inviting.  My children enjoyed their first trail ride very much, and felt safe and competent under the leadership and guidance of their wranglers.  The entire experience, from scheduling to dismount, was smooth.  The management and staff members are professional and personable-it seemed obvious to me that they truly love the animals and working with others. This is a great place to have some fun family time!

    Marnie K. - Sugar Land, TX
  • I began riding here last Christmas and I had a blast! I have been riding horses for a while and the lady my mom and I leased a house from name Saba took us out riding. My mom rode Aloof, I rode Saba's favorite horse Cytron, and my dad rode Cherokee. All of our horses were amazing except for Cherokee for a little bit when we went down a small area, but then was ok again. I continued riding there for 7 months but then was introduced to being a volunteer and also that 4th of July I met my now day horse CautionTNT (Powder). I latter during  this  past summer became a day camper for a while and continued riding Powder. Later for 2014 Christmas I got Powder for Christmas and race with Darolyn in endurance. I'm hoping to go on to big things in the endurance riding world! Thanks Darolyn for everything! We are all like family out at cypress trails and all hope you come out to visit us one day!

    Mia Bella G. - Houston, TX
  • It was my first time visiting Cypress Trails.  Great ranch. The horses looked well taken care of.  The people around knew what to do, whether it is cleaning up, getting the horses ready, getting the riders ready, greeting them after the ride, etc.  I had the privilege of meeting Darolyn Butler, the ranch owner, who accompanied me on a trail ride to the Mexican a Restaurant La Cabana.  Darolyn first checked if my saddle was set up correctly, making sure my feet and my legs were in position. Then she taught me how to go over tree logs.  No doubt Darolyn was an experienced rider and trainer.  Definitely a place to visit if you are looking for trail rides, or training to be better rider.

    Ina T. - Laguana Niguel, CA
  • I had a very safe and well-supervised ride at Cypress Trails. Since I'm not a horse person, I cannot vouch for the shape of the horses. Some had visible sores and marks, but when I asked about a mark on my horse, Mischief, I was told she was probably bitten by another horse or had a scrape while on a ride. Mischief was well-mannered and very patient with this novice rider. I paid for two hours -- the first hour, I went out with a great, friendly group. The second hour was just me and the guide, Alejandro Marquis. I'm a big talker, so I learned a lot about him and we rode, trotted out into the brush, past horses and cows in Texas' back country. Great weather, attentive staff and gentle horses made me think, "If I lived here, I would take lessons." The bathroom was a tiny stall, no drinks were offered and there is no food, unless you purchase that package.  Leave all personal belongings in the car, including sunglasses, cameras and phones. Apparently, those are lost all the time on the horses.

    Ashley T. - Houston, TX
  • My boyfriend and I are currently active duty; I'm stationed in WA and he's in New Jersey so we planned a trip to Houston, TX while we were on leave and I had the bright idea of going horseback riding. He found Cypress Trails through a Google search and I emailed to make an appointment for the both of us to go on the "Adventure Trails." We arrived there 30 minutes late, but the owner did not seem to mind. After we signed some paperwork and paid ($80 for the both of us for one hour of riding), we were assigned our horses. Our ride was scheduled for only an hour, but we needed up staying out on the trail for an hour and 30 minutes. The only downside was the weather--a really bad thunderstorm came in that weekend and they called to push back our appointment time--no biggie because we had been in touch with them earlier about the weather. My boyfriend and I had a blast and said we would love to come back and ride with them again. Our guide was very very sweet and patient with us since we were both green riders. We got key-chains and bandannas and they took photos of us on our horses. I would recommend seeing Darolyn Butler at Cypress Trails if you plan a trip to Houston.

    Jaki J. - King, WA
  • I tried Cypress Trails over the summer and thoroughly enjoyed my experience!  Although it was hot, we were taken on highly shaded trails that kept us and the horses cool.  I never knew there were so many trails out there!  I definitely plan to go back.

    Amanda K. - Houston, TX
  • I love this place! Everything about is good... All the rangers that take you out on the beautiful trails are awesome. They ask you how much you know so don't worry whether you are a pro or a beginner this is a great place to go ride. I purchased a block of lessons and use them when I want to.

    Roxanne S. - Spring, TX
  • My girlfriend and I had a blast. We did a two-hour ride and we were the only ones in that time slot. Our guide was David and he showed us the ropes really effectively. I'm not sure if really thought were naturally good riders or if he was just one to compliment his riders to earn a tip, but it really did seem like my girlfriend and I handled the horses really well at canter and up and down hills. We did well enough that he tried to get us to go faster, but that was when my own skills (as a complete novice) revealed themselves to have some weakness. Nevertheless, at the first sign of trouble on the sprint, David slowed us to a stop and prevented me from falling off my horse. That was quite a feat considering he was directly in front of me (how did he know? He was looking directly behind his horse at full gallop!). It was just top-flight guidance by him no matter how you slice it. My g/f and I were extremely pleased with the whole experience, and we plan on telling everyone that they should go there. Make sure to check for Groupon and other online deals, since we could have saved about 40% on our ride if we had done so beforehand. The horses were healthy and strong too.

    Captain A. - Houston, TX
  • Today for an outing with my dad I said lets do it! We got there and where greeted right away. Signed waiver picked out a helmet and on we go for 90 minutes! Alex was an awesome guide and was able to help my Spanish only speaking dad. My dad was an old pro but I very green. At first it's a nice trail and really the horse practically goes on its own. After you finally get the hang of it you do some real trotting on pasture and some wooded trails. I had a great time and will be back!! Bring some carrots so you can feed them to the horses!!

    Sonia J. - Humble, TX
  • I had a great ride with Laura and Kari. Although it was humid, and some trails we inaccessible due to flooding, I had an awesome time. They make sure to adjust to your skill level and follow safety procedures. They were a great pair to ride with, hilarious and personable. I am working in the Houston area for a short time and I just wanted to hit the trails for a day. The prices are reasonable and I'm so glad I went through with it! Don't expect red carpet service, it's a real farm! Bring some boots, long pants, and bug spray (they have plenty of helmets on site) and enjoy your ride!!

    Mariel M. - Newark, DE
  • For my gf's 25th birthday I wanted to do something special for her.  She had been saying for a long time that she loves horses and recently, while at the renaissance festival I realized that she REALLY loves horses.  So I figured the best gift would be to go horseback riding.  Plus this gave me a perfect opportunity to experience it for myself.While being in Texas, I have never been on a horse.  So I went straight to google for a place that would allow it.  Then I cross referenced it via yelp and came up with Cypress Trails & Stables.  I opted for their lunch ride which was about 4 hrs including the ride out to the restaurant, lunch, and a ride back. After paying and picking out a helmet were were on our way.  They place you up onto horses almost immediately.  I was lucky I got a giant horse, that supports up to 300 lbs so he was getting a break today with me.  My gf also got a big horse so we were both lucky... I was really scared at first so my horse took control of me leading and going wherever, but by the end I was in control with mastering the ropes. It was a blast!  My gf on the other hand never got control of her horse and it dragged her all over the place.  She still had fun.  Honestly, the lunch ride is a bit too long, since this is a "butt to butt" type of ride, meaning the horses are in a line and you can't just ride off on your own, which is probably good for beginngers. They did have a spot along the ride where its an open field and you can go between two paths and ride almost at will. Overall, they give you good tips for beginners and it was fun experience.  Now I can say I live in Texas and I HAVE been on a horse.

    David N. - Houston

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