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Let’s hit the trail, as riders learn by doing while experiencing primitive trails AND enjoying the forest scenery. Natural Horseback Riding Lessons are designed to teach the principles of good horsemanship to people who desire to ride in a way that is more geared to our horse’s point of view and their natural way of dealing with places and situations. Riders develop skills that allow them to communicate and move with their horse in natural rhythm and synchronicity that develops trust and makes every adventure, an enjoyable one.

No ring work here unless you insist.Private or group lessons available, you can also purchase a Lesson Block.

Private Lesson - Weekday$80$160$240$320
Private Lesson - Weekend$85$170$255$340
Group Lesson - Weekday$60$120$180$240
Group Lesson - Weekend$65$130$195$260
Lesson Block - 12 Hours$700
Lesson Block - 16 Hours$980

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